Internet connectivity is very common and some almost consider it a need that needs to be satisfied before food is put on the table. I remember the first times I was in the internet in 1993 or 1994. It was on the local business high school where some of my friends went – I was attending the regular high school next door. It was amazing beyond our wildest dreams. slow downloads of low resolutions pictures, webinterfaces that would never be considered for a mockup today and email that could connet you to the world around you.

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Desktop desktop

When I lived home with my parents I was the – literally – resident IT guy. Every computer problem fell on me. Granted, back then ‘the computers’ started out with my own Amiga 500 and grew to my dads Compaq with Windows 3.11 and my own PC with Windows 95. After I left home every visit back would have a mandatory component of computer updates and fixes to various problems. I tried weaning my parents of my help and I managed to succeed. One day when I got back they had bougt new computers – one each. Continue reading Desktop desktop


I feel like my eyes are glossing over and my field of vision narrows. I know what I have to write and can see the words manifestate themselves on the screen. The words flow almost directly from thought through the keys into the electronic collection that is an email. It is a buzz-word filled rant about one of the next meetings in my calendar to one of the organizers. “Please make sure we are properly aligned with our objectives and that the prerequisites are met before we engage in this meeting in order to maximise the effect”. It is second nature to me and has been for some years now – a meta skill that has turned out to be my primary skill at the moment. It makes me feel sad that my job has turned into this. What drove me when I was the happiest was the engagement inside my team. Not just from me but from the entire team. Actually – what really drove me was the fact that I wanted so badly to be in control of what happened that I worked long hours and late nights to be the first to propose what to work on and how to do it – I mean – who are going to turn down a proposal ready to deply if the alternative is to start from scratch? It has payed off many times – both in the short and long term. I managed – almost by chance to end up as team lead for 10 brilliant network engineers managing a network with a unique combination of datacenter and service provider technology. Since then it has gone a bit downhill due to external circumstances. Continue reading Uncertainty

Americana galore

What a week. I have ticked a lot of boxes in the “how to be American” checklist.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Watching an NBA game at the stadium, while eating pretzels and drinking beer.
  • Driving a ford mustang up highway 1 and stopping for a burger at a local bar (l have also been briving around town just because I felt like if and gas was so cheap)
  • Been to the shooting range to fire off some rounds before going out for beer.
  • Sitting in my hotel room with pizza, beer and football on ESPN
  •  I have indulged in several fast food chains offerings and been positively surprised by a few (but will still categorize it as junk) Continue reading Americana galore

The future that didn’t happen

When I am in a library or visit a university I am always struck by the love of books and knowledge I remember from my childhood when visiting the local library. All this knowledge just waiting to be downloaded into my brain. Unfortunately the optical interface and the neural preprocessor is a bit slow. However – It it gets the job done – eventually. Continue reading The future that didn’t happen

At a desktop crossroads

I am a long time mac user.  I bought my PowerBook in 2002 and followed up with an iMac in 2008. The iMac is still working perfectly fine, but is starting to show its age; particularly it will not run Diablo III at any reasonable framerate so it is time to upgrade. At the time of writing this entry there as about a month or two until the iMac is getting refreshed (at least that is what the rumors say), and three days untill Diablo III gets released. Continue reading At a desktop crossroads

Stubborn success

I, the sometimes-defeater of difficult technology, have managed to beat ubuntu, apache and wordpress into submission.

When it comes to board games I have an eerie beginners luck. I always tend to be good and seemingly lucky with my dice rolls, card draws and such the first time I play a particular game – maybe it is just because I pay a decent amount of attention. On the second play this is gone and I tend to loose interest fast. Continue reading Stubborn success